Polish Language for Foreigners

We are delighted to offer our new course “Polish for Foreigners” ! Our online and face to face lessons  are with a private tutor , who speaks English to improve your speaking, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills in Polish.

No charge for a 30 min. trial lesson! Try us out!

Польский язык для иностранцев

Мы рады представить вам наш новый курс “Польский язык для иностранцев”. Онлайн и индивидуальные уроки с частным преподавателем позволят Вам усовершенствовать все основные языковые навыки необходимые в ежедневной жизни и на работе. Первый пробный 30-минутный урок совершенно бесплатно!

How it works

Step one

Make an appointment for the first trial lesson

Write an email or call us to arrange a day and time that suits you the best. You only need access to the Internet!

Step 2

The first trial lesson

 This is will be the first meeting with your private language tutor! During the trial you will discuss what you expect from the lessons and together with your tutor determine what form of lessons are the most suitable for you (lessons or conversations). Next it will be decided what vocabulary you would like to focus on (general language / business language), what language skills you are interested in (speaking , writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar ). After the first trial lesson you don’t have to immediately make a decision to start!

Step 3

Start your adventure with  the language

If the trial lesson lived up to your expectations and you decide to learn the language with our tutor you can buy a monthly package.

At the moment there are 2 packages available



Contact us and make the appointment for the first  free meeting!

The tools we use

Student’s Books

They are matched to your needs

The Online Notebook

This tool is available for you and your tutor to write new vocabulary, to do homework, to add any notes you want. This tool is online, so your teacher can correct your mistakes on the spot.

Materials from the Internet

Topical articles, videos, You tube, breaking news, dictionaries, photos to describe.

Recording of the Lessons

At your request, the tutor will record the audio of the content of your lesson and will send it to you! You will be able to listen to the recordings, fix it into your mind and practice the correct pronunciation at any moment!


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